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New information on Logan-OOPS! (SPOILER ALRT)

This issue is great-Of course he is not dead really, but this issue ends with new information on how Wolvie comes back from the dead-He apparently never stops fighting-until now--when Doc Strange tries to make him realize that he's in purgatory and needs to (revieled in next issue) do something to regain his body. I thought this was a great way to keep the series going and reviel a little insight on Logan. Also most of the issue gives U a little of Wolverines history-he apparently fought in a war (DUH), but no real backround info is given-and he also fights death everytime he dies, and apparently literally beats death the person (who by the way kills people on battle feilds for fun)-the Varient cover is cool-but Im ready to let the zombie thing die (You know what I mean)

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