Wolverine #41

    Wolverine » Wolverine #41 - Down In The Bottoms released by Marvel on July 1991.

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    After the stealth bomber, which was hijacked by the Android Albert, crashed, Wolverine finds himself in the sewers seriously injured. While Elsie-Dee tries to find help, Wolverine is attacked by a rejuvenated Sabretooth. At the same time, Masque redirects the flood through the tunnel where Wolverine and Sabretooth fight. Albert, who was believed dead, climbs out of the bomber.

    Note: Includes a two-page art piece by Mike Mignola and a one-pager by Art Thibert.


    A stealth bomber has just crashed in a river. It's passengers: Wolverine, Elsie-Dee, and Albert. The latter two are androids charged with killing Wolverine. It seems at least one of the androids has switched sides, as Forge and Jubilee find, upon searching the wreckage, that Wolverine and Elsie-Dee ejected before the crash. Back on the surface, a rescue crew pulls the two mutants aboard but holds little hope for finding the missing friend, especially since a storm is rolling in and has the potential to flood the river and sewage areas. Jubilee and Forge promise each other that they won't stop looking for Wolverine.

    Elsie-Dee Saves
    Elsie-Dee Saves "Wogan"

    On the river bank, Else-Dee sees that she can't scale the steep walls to the city. She continues to pull an airline seat to a sewage drain, pries the bars open, and lugs Wolverine's unconscious body within the protection of the sewers. He's out cold; his body healing. Elsie-Dee runs for some help. As she leaves, Wolverine wakes up with the memory of Silver Fox fresh in his mind. He stumbles around the sewers in a stupor, questioning why his lady had to die. Elsie-Dee runs into a tunnel with floating bodies, most of them alligators with their throats ripped out. She continues on and rambles about getting help for Wolverine. One of the figures rises. It's Sabretooth. As Wolverine continues to wander, he recalls what killed his precious Silver Fox: it was Sabretooth. Wolverine wants revenge.

    Topside, Forge makes a phone call to some people who may have a better chance at locating Wolverine. Jubilee fumes that the duo isn't doing enough.

    Down below, Masque and his rag-tag band of Morlocks fears that the rains will flood their home. Masque collects two big men and directs them to redirect the flow of the flood waters.

    As Wolverine continues to wander, he shifts between consciousness in the sewers and in the past when confronting Sabretooth about Silver Fox's death. Sabretooth, being able to sense Wolverine, joins in the conversation. The two ultimately meet and begin a royal brawl. As the ultimate way to get into Wolverine's head, Sabretooth claims to be his father. Wolverine won't believe it and the two continue their ferocious clash. Down another tunnel, Elsie-Dee literally runs into Cable. She tells him her friend needs help. Cable appears intrigued.

    "I Am Your Father"

    Back at the clash, Wolverine and Sabretooth are interrupted by a deluge of sewer vermin. Rats and alligators rush by, quickly followed by a gush of water, fueled by Masque's redirection of the river. The two men instinctively continue fighting as they are washed down the sewers. Wolverine finds an opening off to the side and crawls inside, hoping that Sabretooth simply gets sucked down stream. No such luck, as the beast claws his way after Wolverine. In front of Wolverine is a large, locked, metal door. Behind is Sabretooth. Behind Sabretooth is a grate that the Morlocks have just lowered. Trapped, the two men continue their fight with Sabretooth still claiming parentage. On the other side of the door, Cable and Elsie-Dee hear the fight. She begs him to help Wolverine get out.

    Topside, Forge and Jubilee wait. At the bottom of the river, Albert is reanimated. He must find Elsie-Dee.



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