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Rogue Logan - Explained.

The Good

I fell in love with Wolverine during Remender's Uncanny X-Force. His character - the rage and berserk - as well as the fatherly attitude towards other mutants - totally drew me in and I enjoy reading stories involving Wolverine. I did not read any previous solo series however. All my experience with Wolverine comes from team books. So picking up Cornell's Wolverine was a change. I suppose yes he is working with a team, but not really.

Because I did not read any of his past solo series and I started with this volume I was probably more lost than most. However, I knew that he had lost his healing factor and was defeated in a really humiliating way by Sabretooth. That's really all you and I needed to know going into this newest volume. The way that Cornell goes about telling the story was here a little there a little. A few details in one issue and more in the next - until this issue arrives and we have a more scoped out idea of what is going on with Wolverine.

Ryan Stegman is a beast when it comes to pencils and I love every issue! His artwork here is better than his work on Superior Spider-Man, in my opinion. I love his Wolverine when he is suited up and really enjoy the way Logan looks when he is around the school or other individuals. David Curiel on colors is so impressive! I wish that the arcs of Superior had that color as well. It is so pretty to look at! I love it.

The Bad

I don't dislike stories being told all out of order. I think it actually worked here because it kept me coming back for more. The only beef I have with this issue is that is switches a lot. Also, I don't understand why Logan was sleeping on a park bench and nothing ever happened to him. There were other little story elements that I didn't understand. The whole encounter between Logan and Kitty was odd. Maybe I didn't read it as well and missed what was going on...but I also don't read any other X books so I don't know what is going on in Uncanny or anything else. Would that make the difference?

The other beef is - why is Wolverine always going up against Sabretooth? That's like Spider-Man only ever fighting Rhino for the rest of all comics. Or Batman only fighting Bane. I want something more. Sure Wolverine is a physical being - have him fight someone who is not just a copy of him.

The Verdict

Firstly, I will follow Ryan Stegman to whatever book he draws, even if it be something like Spawn. I would read it because I love his art. It is a great pleasure that he now is drawing one of my favourite characters.

Cornell really seems to have an adventure for Wolverine. I am totally ready to see where it goes. The scripting and pacing is really nice. It is all a treat. Being able to see a wide cast is also nice. I get a touch of what is going on in the X-men universe even if I don't fully understand all the politics of the current situation with all of them.

After the first four issues of this volume we know what is going on with Wolverine and why. This will, I assume, be collected as a nice trade, so jump in and get involved. It is a great story with amazing artwork and a promising enjoyable ride.


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