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Canadian Bacon

First off I have to give and extra .5 for wolvie saying "Canadian Bacon". A little Bias from me on this one but I read Deadpool Kills #2 today and one bad Wolvie script kinda warrants another. I hate to dump on Jeph Loeb but the ending page of this issue was a bit of a letdown. There was a bit of a weak twist but it was a 6 minute read, with lots of action. I never really answered any of the follow up of the Sabertooth clones and if they all have healing factor and so forth. I thought that the Captain America: First Avenger scene in the middle of the book was just thrown at you in a really impromptu fashion. And the soap-opera twist at the end was weak on a bit of a cliche cliffhanger motif, but other then that the fights, and banter between the original Sabertooth (will the real Sabertooth please stand up) and Wolverine was typical and to the point as it usually is ("I'm gonna kill you bub", "you didn't last time, runt" etc.).

The art by Simone Bianchi is just awesome, plane and simple, the man does a mean wolverine and has superb paneling. Now that the cat's out of the bag on this series the one not-so-great issue is over with i think there is nothing but good things in the next couple of issues.

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