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The long-awaited sequel to EVOLUTION

How did Sabretooth survive his beheading all those years ago?

The opening page of the book tells us that Sabretooth was presumed dead after he had his head took clean off by Wolverine, we jump back to New York where Wolverine is on a rescue mission to help Cloak who has been beaten and attached to the top of the Empire State Building, Cloak tells Wolverine that Sabretooth took his partner Dagger, Wolverine does not believe that to be possible knowing that he killed Sabretooth, but using Cloaks power of teleportation they investigate Sabretooths grave and find that his body still lies underneath the ground. Wolverine soon realizes it is a trap to lure him back to Silver Fox's house where Sabretooth murdered his lover long ago. He discovers Romulus is behind everything Cloak and Dagger flee the scene leaving Wolverine and Romulus to battle it out, Wolverine is near death when he is saved by a mysterious stranger who tells him answers lie in the Weapon X facility suddenly he passes out and when he awakes Romulus and the stranger are gone, Wolverine goes to explore the Weapon X facility only to find that someone has been experimenting with Sabretooths genetics and has cloned him more than 30 times, suddenly one wakes up who Wolverine recognizes the sent to be the real Sabretooth, he leaps toward Wolverine, "To Be Continued" ending.

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