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DR. ROT IS BACK! Discover the secret behind Rot’s twisted family…and what Wolverine’s connection is. FBI Agent Wells is circling closer to the truth behind the brutal murders he’s investigating. And Wolverine is his lead suspect!

A police manhunt is on for a murderer of several innocent people who were found lobotomized. A witness, a small boy has given the police a description, one that matches Logan. Detective Wells and his crew follow there only lead to The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but are quickly stonewalled by Kitty Pryde, who swears Logan is off world. The investigation's next stop is the office of Melita Garner, who is unhelpful until the mention of removed brains makes one name come to mind, Dr. Rot.

Meanwhile Logan follows his own leads. The first is to Dr. Rot's birthplace, where Logan finds Rot's father, who has become another one of Dr. Rottwell's experiments. The old man tells Logan where to find his son, under the condition Logan promises to kill him and his son. Logan kills the father then goes to the Rottwell estate where he is ambushed by Charlie Chainsaw, Baylee Ann and Tater.

Logan is able to get away and trap Tater but before Tater dies he says the trigger phase,

Dream a Dream of Pretty Prey and Blood Red as Rage.

This paralyzes Logan, and when he awakens he is bond in a chair in the lair of Dr. Rottwell.

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