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Just Say No Jason Aaron

Wow. I'm gone from comics for a few short months and then THIS happens.

I started this arc with issue 300 because money has been tight and I've only been able to buy comics sporadically and issue 300 wasn't that bad. Then I went back and read issue 20 and realized, oh crap, we're back to this Jason Aaron. The Jason Aaron I'm not a big fan of. The way I see it, there are three different Jason Aarons. You have your fantastically good Jason Aaron. That's your Punisher MAX Jason Aaron and the Jason Aaron that brought me back to this series after losing me to another Jason Aaron (we'll get to that one in a minute) by having Wolverine kill his freaking kids. Jason Aaron #2 is the fun, silly Jason Aaron that writes Wolverine and the X-Men. Sure, he gets a little ridiculous but it's still so much fun and really good. Then there is this fucking Jason Aaron. The Jason Aaron I can only assume is doing lines of cocaine while binge drinking coffee after having taken Ambien and is trying to see how long he can stay up. This terrible insane Jason Aaron that has brought us this latest arc of Wolverine.

Now, Wolverine #20 had promise. Someone is trying to start a war between the Hand and the Yakuza for control of the Japanese Underworld and they are trying to do it by making both sides start this war they hadn't intended on having in the first place? Sign me up? That's when I got my first omen that Crazy Jason Aaron was back; the Buzzard Brothers. God Damn It! Crazy southern cannibals who have BONE WEAPONS? *sigh*

But then, Wolverine #300 wasn't that bad. It was a little more like Jason Aaron #2. A little ridiculous (a plane full of ninja attacking Wolverine and the sky yakuza and all) but still good. It had a habit of meandering some and lost me in some spots but overall it because the bright spot in this whole arc. Bringing back Sabretooth and Mystique helped a lot too.

Then we get fucking motorcycle riding, chainsaw wielding yakuza henchmen. God damn you Jason Aaron. That's the funny part though, despite all the substance abuse fueled wackiness of it all it's still a decent story that is masterfully told. The art is all the issues is pretty amazing and Aaron's writing and pacing are wonderful. Boy just needs to tone it down a bit.


Other craziness not previously mentioned:

- Every inch of Wolverine's skin being burned away and the growing back in, no joke, about 20 seconds. Including his HAIR. Side note: When his hair grows back how does it know when to stop growing? I would totally understand if it only came back as very short follicles initially and then grew back later at a normal pace but somehow his hair and facial hair grow back to the way it was right before being burned off completely.

- A ninja in coma

- Previously mentioned coma ninja and Wolverine have a mind duel (really?)


- and said Mind Ninjas running around under this comically stupid dragon costume

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