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Ninjas on a Plane!

Cue the start of a new arc and the premier of Wolvie's much anticipated 300th issue. Readers are invited back to the land that Logan both loves and hates so much for a tale reminiscent of his classic misadventures of yesteryear.

The ish begins on an amusing note featuring a brawl on a plane with dozens ninjas and Logan coolly and calmly walking off it after the plane has landed and all is done. It's amusing to see that he admits it may be some time before they leave him board a plane, even the possession of an Avengers card not withstanding.

Moving on and the ish gets down to the fall out of previous events in this volume and some old faces are seen again for the first time in a while. Cue a couple of trigger-happy gangsters and some pleasing evidences of humorous and wistful text, numerous fights...and did I mention all the ninja's?

The Verdict

Overall, I was well impressed with this ish. Though I've mentioned before that I am not a fan of Sander's artwork, I thoroughly admired Keith and Garney's inks and colours, which pair up beautifully with the other aspects of this ish; chief among them, the classic pairing of one of my favourite rivalries in comicdom, for one, along with the high octane action present across each page, and also the shrewd scheming and the elegant and jovial exploits of two seemingly star-crossed youngsters are riveting to read, all combine to pull off a high achieving tale that I am pleased to hear is just beginning. I am eager for the future instalments to come!

4.0//5.0 Stars.

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