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Imagine everyone Logan has ever killed over the course of his very long life, all confined to one place, all itching to get their shot at revenge. Now witness the devil give them just what they want. It's Logan versus the legion of the damned, including some very familiar faces. And with Logan's demonically-possessed body still running amuck on earth, the body count can only grow. Who could possibly stand in his way? Maybe... Mystique???

Wolverine Goes to Hell: Part 2- Wolverine's soul is trapped in Hell and the Devil is releasing wave after wave of all the men and women that Wolverine as ever killed to take out their revenge on their killer. The devil is trying to break Wolverine just as he has broken Sabretooth and Mariko. Sabretooth has become the Devil's lapdog, and upon seeing Mariko in hell it looks like Wolverine may give in but, that is just the beginning, the devil has Mariko herself give Wolverine the blow that send him over the edge. Upon hearing Wolverine's cry for mercy Puck and a stranger try to come to Wolverine's rescue. Meanwhile back on earth, Hellverine has tracked down Yukio and beat her near death, and Melita and Mystique have called in The Ghost Riders and Son of Satan to help save Wolverine's soul.

Scorched Earth Chapter 2-Amiko's Story- Amiko comes home to find Wolverine standing over Yukio's body. She fights her father but needs Yukio to help out. The two women escape the possessed Wolverine by jumping out the window. Amiko is safe but Yukio is badly hurt.


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Faces of the Past 0

The Story - As Logan´s soul is trapped in hell and he is being subject to all kind of tortures from the Devil himself, Mistique and Melita Garner are trying to get some help for Logan: they´ve tried Yukio, but didn´t work so well for her, so in an unexpected way enter the Ghost Riders (Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze) with Satan´s son himself, Daimon Hellstorm. That should do it. And in hell Puck has allied himself with a mysterious person to help Logan too. The Writing - By far this is the best w...

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Wolverine's Story Continues 0

Wolverine continues his journey through Hell as his body continues it's rampage through everyone he ever loved. I have to admit I am surprised I actually like this. I felt like after the whole Romulus story-arch exploration of Wolverine's psyche and history was pretty much done. But I do like this look through all those Wolverine has ended. And hey look Wolverine's girlfriend, I remember her, sort of. Actually lets touch on that briefly, the introduced this girlfriend for Wolverine who was tota...

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