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Continuing the story of Patch's return! He's entered the most dangerous game known to man, and now Wolverine is about to face off against the grand master! Who is the mysterious champion of the Blood Sport, and what does he want from Logan...besides his head? And will the femme fatale known as Viper finally strike?

Wolverine has just learned that Mr. X, is the current champion of The Bloodsport Contest, and his mysterious "friend" that has been manipulating Wolverine for the past few months. Wolverine jumps the guard rail and attempts to confront Mr. X, but is stopped by Viper, who convinces the hero to wait and fight the champ in the contest.

After a strange exchange between Mr. X and Blok, Wolverine agrees and fights Puma in the next round. Wolverine is able to defeat Puma by throwing him into the electrified cage. Mr. X defeats his challenger, Taskmaster by escaping the cage first. Mr. X is furious when he learns that he does not get the chance to kill Taskmaster, due to the fact that Mr. X escaped the cage.

The final match between Mr. X and Wolverine is a four corners match, that is interrupted by Taskmaster, but not before Wolverine learns that Mr. X is a telepath. Wolverine is able to defeat Mr. X by going feral, and losing all control.

Before Wolverine can kill Mr. X Blok steps in the way and Wolverine is forced to let Mr. X escape.

Then later as Wolverine leaving Madipoor, he is stopped by Viper who tells him Ogun is back.

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