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Wolverine returns to Madripoor, and right into the dangerous arms of his villainous "wife" Viper! What villain has lured Logan back to his old stomping grounds, and into the battle-to-the-death tournament known as Blood Sport?

Wolverine, with the help of Nick Fury, has made the murder rap of killing Senator Drexel Walsh go away. Soon after the X-man receives a letter from a mysterious "friend' urging him to fly to Madripoor and compete in something called The Bloodsport Contest. Not one to shy away from a mystery, Wolverine dons the persona of Patch and flies to his former home. While on the plane Wolverine sees a demons face in the clouds, but brushes off as the effects of losing sleep.

Once in Madripoor, Wolverine is contacted by Jae Lo, his personal assistant to The Bloodsport Contest. Jae Lo then takes Wolverine to the Princess Bar, to meet with the head of the contest. Wolverine surprised to see that the head of the contest is Viper. Wolverine believes she is the "friend" that asked him to enter the contest, but she convinces him other wise.

Viper then explains to Wolverine the rules of The Bloodsport Contest, and Wolverine watches the first round matches.

  • Headhunter vs Oddball- Winner Headhunter
  • Gamecock vs Puma- Winner Puma
  • Cat vs Taskmaster- Winner Taskmaster
  • Zaran vs Razorfist- Winner Zaran
  • Anaconda vs Forearm- Winner Anaconda
  • Eel vs Toad- Winner Toad

Then its Wolverines turn to face Speed Demon. Wolverine is able to defeat the speedster, but does not kill him like the crowd wants.

Then round two takes place.

  • Taskmaster vs Zaran- Winner Taskmaster
  • Anaconda vs Puma- Winner Puma
  • Wolverine vs Toad- Winner Wolverine

Then Wolverine gets to watch Headhunter face the Champ, and he learns that his "friend" the Champ is really Mister X.


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