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The End of The End...Again!

I'll keep this review relatively short since well....not a whole lot goes on in this issue. There's various cameos from Avengers and X-Men members, as well as a few other folks, which is nice to see. But that's when the pleasantries end. Much bemusement is to be had with this issue that started off with a solid plot but ultimately concluded in a rush.

It wasn't what I had excepted to see coming off the heels of the previous issue.

The Good

I like the way there's lots of cameos in this issue, and with each character giving their 30-seconds take on the man with the silver claws. Most are humours, some are sombre and one or too are quite serious. The wild man plot is good, and develops along a steady path. But I can't help but feel that the plot's been constrained and confined, watered down to fit in one issue that ends with a lacklustre anticlimax.

The Bad.

The quality of the artwork is erratic, ranging from good to damn right awful towards the last few pages. The plot is a bizarre one to so quickly conclude after first being set up in the last issue. I honestly wished to see Logan grieve for that bit longer, as like in issue #14, he's starting to 'shrug off' the grievous fact that his actions had caused.


A disappointing take on a skeleton story that had the potential to be buffed up to become much better, complimented by sub-par artwork that fluctuated in quality like the weather. Nonetheless, it is worth having a look at what each character has to say about Wolverine, and what Logan himself says in the end.


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