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The Bereaved and Detached

Following the massive conclusion of the last issue, it's only fitting that the adjourning issue such as this wrap everything up and pave the way for new horizons. Does the fallout story serve as a fitting interlude to grander events to come? Sort of. In some ways, it works, but in others... I was kind of left bemused and lost.

Without giving too much away, such is the tender nature and impact of this particular issue, in this story we see the shocked and destroyed Logan punishing himself for staining his hands with the blood of 'those who were victims of a large and sinister scheme' (spoilerrrrs). I was glad to see that Logan has reacted in a more typical and genuine way to the 'big revelation,' compared to his initial staunchy and kind of 'shrugging it, no big deal' reception to the news as I pointed out in my review for the earlier issue. He truly is in the throes of sadness, determined to punish himself for slaying 'those people.' Whilst the manor in which he achieves his punishment strikes me as a bit extreme and even suicidal, it really conveys how much he detests those killings, and himself, shocked and forever changed by them.

Logan is left defeated, despairing and lacking in any hope, turning his back on society and devolving into the true beast that he is.

The Good

In truth, this issue helps to display that rare side to Logan; the saddened, vulnerable man, who hates and loaths himself, choosing to drown his sorrows at the bottom of a bottle. I like the way the story adds this sense of gritty realism to an otherwise unstoppable, fearless and violent character, and while this isn't the first time Logan has been shown 'hitting rockbottom,' it is the first time ever that he is seemingly left as a broken and wounded character, healing factor or not, slow to rebound and reluctant to recover, having lost all of his fiery attitude and spunk. But this is where the majority of the good points end.


About midway through, a particular encounter occurs, and at first I thought it was a physical encounter, but then as it progresses, more familiar faces join in to strike at Logan whilst he's down...Including a few long since dead...? I know, it was shown shortly after Logan got back from hell that 'someone came back with him,' but still... In the end I got the impression that the event was some twisted and drunk stupor Logan had somehow sunken into, and it raised a few more questions than needed.

In The End

Aside from the blunder midway through, overall, this is a interesting issue that delves further in the world of a grievous Logan, a man not know to express such severe emotion other than pure rage. Abandoning all humanity, Wolverine retreats into himself, and behaves in a similar way to the Adamantium-deprived Wolverine in and around the '90ies, early 2000's (I swear, they even use that marred, chiseled looking font for his speech towards the end!), the creative theme successfully maintains the gloomy nature this issue strives to create.

It is a good edition to the title, and leaves you guessing what else is in store for the man who lost it all.

4.0 // 5.0

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