Wolverine #125

    Wolverine » Wolverine #125 - Logan's Run! released by Marvel on June 1998.

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    A “Blood Wedding” leads to a shocking revelation for Wolverine and the (former) ladies in his life. Viper, the wife of Wolverine?!

    Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) is having a nightmare in which she is being chased down a Chicago alleyway [in a scene reminiscent of Kitty Pryde being pursued in Uncanny X-Men #131]. Then her dream places her in the Australian outback to relive her first meeting with, and rescue of, Wolverine who had been left to die by the Reavers. The pair are trailed by Phoenix, Psylocke, Rogue, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) and Tyger Tiger, all are dressed in green variations of their outfits. Jubilee and Wolverine are cornered by Rogue and Yukio, also clad in green.

    Jubilee is then pulled from both her dream and her room at the Massachusetts Academy by Shadowcat (Kitty, accompanied by her pet dragon Lockheed) who explains that the terrorist Viper is using a chemical to control the women Jubilee saw in her nightmare. Something about Kitty's phasing ability makes her less susceptible to the brainwashing.

    They are found by Phoenix and Rogue, so Jubilee calls out to Gateway (the Aboriginal teleporter), who draws them to the outback. After having had a little time to catch their breath, they begin a world-wide search for Logan. Their first stop is the Alaskan mining town where Logan once lived with Silver Fox, but they are soon found by the mind-controlled Rogue and Tyger. Kitty subdues Rogue, but then Tyger shoots her with a weapon that fires a substance which encases Kitty so she cannot phase or move. Lockheed breathes fire at the Rogue and Tyger, allowing Jubilee to call out to Gateway who opens a portal for Lockheed to haul her and Kitty to safety.

    They find themselves in Japan at Agarashima, the seat of Clan Yashida. Logan greets them at the door, but they are immediately accosted by Yukio. He defends them against her, but is taken out by Psylocke's psychic knife. Logan then experiences dreams about the women in his life: first they appear as serpents, then he relives the murder of Silver Fox at Sabretooth's hand, as well as Mariko Yashida's death.

    He awakens to find himself, Jubilee and Kitty in Tyger's quarters in Madripoor, in the company of Viper and her thralls. Suddenly, Black Widow bursts in to take on the terrorist and the brainwashed women, allowing Jubilee to generate fireworks which free Kitty from the shell she's encased in. A battle ensues and Viper decides to flee, freeing Phoenix from her control. She clears up the other's minds as Logan chases Viper. He fights with her, while she holds back, insisting that he "remember his vow", but he is in a berserker rage that doesn't end until Jubilee intervenes.

    With everything calming down, Logan puts his arm around Viper and announces to the stunned assemblage that she is his wife.


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