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Well Done!

These covers have been astounding from day one, and I really like to see a uniform theme throughout them.  It makes collecting them very enticing. 
The Good: 
The fact that this ongoing is ten issues in and references panels from earlier arcs is something that I very much enjoy.  It's much similar to Uncanny X-Force, and it gives you the feeling that every panel is actually important.  We do get some background about some of these characters, but I think what really shines here is the mystery behind their plan.  How can you plan to lure in Wolverine?  That sounds great, but to what avail when the end results are likely to be a horrendous death?  Yet, what Wolverine is up against here is pretty crazy.  These guys are fearless, and that's what makes them very dangerous. 
The Bad: 
I sometimes get bothered by the disposable characters.  I don't like to see a character (and one that had potential, even if it was just a little potential) introduced a few issues back only to have that character already die.  Sadly, it seems there will be a lot more of that as this particular story arc progresses, and although I guess it's ok to kill off inconsequential, non-developed characters, I think they could've maybe been put to better use by actually developing their character. 
Though I didn't mention it above, I was very pleased with the art, and I am very intrigued by the direction at which this may go.  I think the mystery behind the enemy's scheme is what will definitely keep me coming back and it's nice to see a Wolverine comic that doesn't suck (besides Uncanny X-Force, that is...) 


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