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A lot of questions

The Story - So this is a new arc in Logan´s life, despite the fact that he´d been to hell one time and aparently, Devil himself misses him and sees  Wolverine as a source of amusement and fun, since he´s a little bored. What will this represent in Logan´s life? How did he go to Hell to begin with? How he´s coming back? Who are these new villains? A lot of questions.
The Writing - This book begins with a deep/true/sincere conversation between Logan and Wraith (who´s now a pastor) about past, inner nature, killing, choices, redemption and future. I guess that was the best of this book, the fact that even all the bad things that had happened (Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn, Kurt´s death etc.) there´s a chance for Hope and that´s a scary thought (at least to Logan), because he knows that bad things will happen again. I didn´t know Logan had a girlfriend and to be honest, I didn´t like the whole idea of a group of people trying to kill her and a lot of other marks (Logan´s friends), I think it´s too cliche. Logan giving her weapons, that was very cool. Other thing that I didn´t like was Mystique´s returning to help her with the argument "I hate Logan, but I hate who´s after you even more", nah, this doesn´t work for me. The bad guys were lame too, what a bunch of morons, bad concepts. Jason Aaron kinda did disapointed me in this issue, sure there´ll be plenty of explanations of how and why did Logan went to Hell and how he´s back killing people in the name of Satan, but I´m afraid that those are going to be all cliches and nothing original, and I´d expected a little more answers in this issue to begin with (the only thing we know is that Satan is bored as hell and he´ll use Logan for his amusement; and that there´s a group of people - possibly responsible for killing Logan - that are after everybody he cares about): so this is about revenge and sadism. Let´s see how this works out.
The Art - Ok, now we are talking about, that´s the reason I´d gave 4 stars for this book: Renato Guedes probably has penciled one of the best Wolverines that I´ve ever seen!!!! He´s an amazing penciler and the soul of this book. The only reason I´m buying this series!!! Great colors by Ponsor, he´s great too!!! Logan´s descent to hell in "Road to Hell" was very good ´cause set the tone for this issue, so Guedes´ focused more in other things: like Wraith against "Logan"(?), Mystique on the run and a, awesome splash of Logan in hell.
The Verdict - Great art and a good story, so it´s highly recommended. Pick it up.
4 out 5

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