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Bub... your going to hell!

   #1 of the new Wolverine series finally out, and all across America fans were clamouring to get their hands on the first part of Wolverine goes to hell! Alot of people like me were left thinking," is he really going to hell, or is that just a tagline to express how his life in this new Heroic Age was going to pan out"? Well, he actually went to hell. After constantly fighting death, the grip of the afterlife finally snagged a hold of everyone's favorite mutant, and plunged him straight into oblivion. After finally finishing what seemed to be a barrage of Wolverine titles,( Origins, Weapon X, Dark Wolverine, etc.), Marvel's finally gotten Wolverine back into one solid book, and man is it good. 
   The issue starts off with Logan visiting his old Team X partner, John Wraith, who now is currently a pastor and has his own church. Him and Logan a recollecting the glory days, and discussing their lives. Wraith tells Logan how he came to realize that even before Weapon X and Team X,  they were already weapons. All the goverment did was pull the trigger. But then Wraith says that's all behind him, he now has faith and hope for the future, while Logan says he's past hope. But, is very optimistic about the future, seeing as how Osborn's defeated, the Avengers are back together, he has a new women in his life, and Romulus is finally out the picture and can no longer minipulate his life. Yes, it finally looks like all is well for ol' Logan, but the title of this arc is Logan goes to hell! So, it aint all fine and dandy. Weeks later, pastor Wraith is giving a sermon when two congregation members burst through the door, one bloodied and hacked. John immediately knows the culprit, but can't believe he would of done it. He goes and fetches some of his artilary from his old Team X days, and sets out to find the beast responsible. Upon intering the woods, he contemplates whetther or not to try and talk to the beast, ask why he's done what he's done, or whether or not to just shoot him and put him down. Then, he's knocked off his feat by a monster in a robe, and in some eerie horror film kinda way, is engulfed by the insects and snakes that inhabit the woods. He manages to brush it off and track down the beast, who then proceeds to burn down his church. John demands to know why Logan, that's right, did this. Logan takes off his hood and tells John to look into his eyes and tell him what he sees. John replies that he sees hell in his eyes. While Malita Garner, Wolverine's new main squeeze, is at work when Gunhawk and a band of villains attack looking for her. Luckily, Logan gave her some weapons to protect herself. Mystique then joins the fun and tells Malita to come with her if she wants to find Logan. The book finishes off with a demon wondering through the bowels of hell, talking about all the unamuzing souls that have entered, but how the newest arrival seems to be alot of fun. Logan! 
   Wow, simply wow. A five, hands down. I've seen alot of promotions for stories and issues, but usually they never live up to what the propaganda make them out to be. But this one, oh yeah, it's all that and more! Jason Aaron really delivered on his word to make a great Wolverine story unlike any one before, and he definitly delivered. This book also features a bonus story abou the Silver Samurai, but I let you dicover that one on your own. The multiple covers are extremely awesome as well, each one cool in there own way. I picked up the original cover myself. Also, the preveiws for the up coming issue shows Wolverine facing off against former enemies from all over his past, especially one I'm thrilled to see, Sabretooth! Oh yeah, this arc is proving itself to be one for the Marvel history books! So, go out and pick up a copy already! Enjoy, and nice readings!

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