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    Before X-23, there was Wolverina. This buxom waitress at Bud's Suds is Wolverine's "cousin" from the pages of Marvel Comics' "What-The?"

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    With no real, discernible origin, Wolverina is simply known as the barman's daughter at Bud's Suds. She and Bud learned the truth at a New Year's Party when Daredevil spilled the beans (with ample prodding from Death and Uatu, the Watcher).


    Wolverina was created by Scott Lobdell and Rurik Tyler. They are the men who introduced Wolverina.

    Character Evolution

    Wolverina (Logana)
    Wolverina (Logana)

    Wolverina saves the New Year's Eve party after learning of her relationship to Bud. Every super hero and villain in the world are attending the party at Bud's Suds and Mr. Hide plans on using one bomb to eliminate not only the opposition, but also the competition. The bomb actually goes off, yet no one is killed by it because Death is in attendance and wasn't in the mood to cart anyone off. Wolverina, however, has taken care of Mr. Hide so that he won't be a problem in the future. Later, during a relaxing day on the beach, Wolverina and Ivory are accosted by Land Shark. They learn he had started out as a weak man but had been transformed after an insult had led him to seek help from a supplement advertised on a comic book. The ladies try brute force (Wolverina's way), but it isn't until Ivory tries flattery that the Land Shark is contained. The ladies quell the Land Shark and the beach is safe once again for their scantily clad bodies.

    Whether you see her as a female counterpart of Marvel's surliest hero, a clever poke at the Distinguished Competition's tendency to make a superhero's female cousin into a comparable "super"- girl, or another piece of well-chested eye-candy, Wolverina is certainly bound to get a reaction in any title in which she appears.

    Major Story Arcs

    Powers and Abilities

    Retractable Claws

    Wolverina has three retractable claws from her knuckles and five from her finger tips, presumably forged from adamantium.

    Regenerative Healing Factor

    Wolverina also has a healing factor allows her to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissues far more extensively and faster than a normal human is capable of. Injuries that result in great disuse damage or loss, such as multiple gunshot or knife wounds, heal completely within a matter of minutes. Aside from the tissue regenerative qualities of her healing factor, Wolverina is immune to the effects of most drugs and toxins as well as to all known diseases and infections.


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