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Wolfskin is the only name given for the character in the comics, but it is also the name of the kind of soldier he is.

Nothing is known of Wolfskin himself other than that he was trained by a Noi swordsman priest when he was sixteen. All other knowledge of his background is gleaned from what is known of his people in general. Wolfskin is of the Bregga people, a group that live in the North. They are large people, very strong and known for their savagery. Whether that it all true or exaggeration is unknown, but from what has been seen of Wolfskin, it may be the case that it is. A Wolfskin is a specific kind of soldier, respected and feared for their skill in battle. They may look like brutes but they are brilliant strategists and philosophers.


Legends are told of the Wolfskins that say that when they take the blackcap mushroom, a tribute to their god Wrod, they become beasts. It's said that their bodies turn inside out to reveal fur and they transform into wild killing machines. This is more or less true, but Wolfskins don't take the mushroom often, only when their lives are in danger or when they choose to do so to honor their god with the deaths of others. The primary Wolfskin of the comics seems to react to the mushrooms a little differently than most. While others who take the mushroom rage from morning to afternoon or afternoon to evening, he will kill for twice as long. If he takes it in the morning, he will kill to night. If at night, he will kill to the next day, and nothing can stop him.

Wolfskin uses a two-sword fighting style, employing a long sword and a companion sword, a fighting style uncommon to those from The North, he also wields a Warhammer, used in instances when one of his swords is stuck in an onbject, such as a body or a tree, and also uses at as a short ranged throwing weapon, his considerable strength has shown it taking off a head on occasion. 
One of the most surprising things about Wolfskin is that unlike the stereotypical berserker from the North, he actually possessess a fair amount of wisdom and intelligence, being well known to battle, he is a brilliant tactition knowing how to plan and counter military assaults, his wisdom on the subject of religion also astonishes some being able to do a tet-a-tet with Preists and Noi

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