Not sure I love the new Wolfsbane...

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Without giving away too much...
I'm not too thrilled with the side of Rahne's character we're seeing lately.  We all know that she deep religious devotion has always been a big part of her character, but in later years she seemed to have loosened up, especially in light of the revelation that Reverand Craig was her actual father.  In more recent issues, specifically since becoming pregnant and returning to X-Factor, its come back to the forefront and she's now beating people with it.  Even in her days back in the New Mutants she had problems with Illyana due to the demonic nature of her powers but she muddle through it and still keep her good nature.  But now shes back with a half-Asgardian baby and the first thing she does is lie to Rictor about it being his baby and more or less tell him that he's sinning with Shatterstar and going to hell.  
Honestly? How does this sort of behavior make her any better then Reverend Craig?

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I liked her a lot in the New X-men when she was dating Elixir and was the cool teacher at the institute. I can understand from where you are coming from about her but I do not think the situation that she found in X-Factor was right......what she had in mind after X-Force. She had to be upset for the whole thing so I can see why she did what she did. Even she was not a saint.  
I my opinion she was trying to get even with life and everything aroun her. She blamed the situation on Religion but she just lost her lover, father of ther baby in hell. Now, she must be worry since she is sure there is a Heaven.  I do not think she had to save Rictor and Star' that explnation looked really weak for me.However, she seemed more calm in recent issues. We are used to see her as the young of the New Mutants but she grow up just like the rest of her teamates. The next story arc focus on her, it's fun to see what PAD have in store for her.

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Well according to the "good book" laying with the beast is punishable by death, so I guess she has a looser faith now.

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@KillerZ: I am sure if I pulled out all my old New Mutants, X-Factor, new New Mutants, and more recently X-Force, I am sure that we can find one or two other sins that Rahne has also committed.  Like making out with underage boys....murdering know just off the top of my head...
I think I agree with Chesapeake, shes angry and lashing out using the one thing she's always leaned on even though its betrayed her in the past...
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i think there just changing an essential aspect of her personality i mean she flashes shatterstar in a new issue of x-factor

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Well, the end of the issue #224 is the logical comclusion of 'new' Wolfsbane's behavior - she rejected her own baby because he was a feral and killed the bad guy who imprisoned his mother.

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