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    A group of teenagers who were brought together by an enigmatic military leader to help fight crime & keep peace in the Bronx.

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    For over two millennia  the Wolfpack has fought the Nine to bring balance to the world.  The Nine would always consist of men.  Mortals who demonstrated that they had no capability for love, compassion or charity.  

     The Bronx  

     When a new version of the Nine appeared in the modern day Bronx, a mysterious man known only as Mr Mack began to recruit members of a modern day Wolfpack.  He specifically chose a group of five youths from the South Bronx who had no prior knowledge to each other.  Mr Mack was a retired Naval officer who knew how to train the military.  He had chosen five adolescents according to their extraordinary abilities and aptitude, but kept them away from each other until they had trained well into their teenage years.     

     By the time the members of the Wolfpack were introduced to each other they had been training for several years.  By then, each of them had honed their abilities and skills to excel in close quarters combat, strategic thinking, speed, endurance, strength and stealth.  As the new Wolfpack, they continued to battle the forces of the Nine keeping the Bronx in balance.  

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-58163:  House of M 

    After the Scarlet Witch twisted Earth-616's reality to reflect a mutant dominated society, non-mutants became known as Sapiens and were treated as second class citizens.  Teams of enhanced and powered Sapiens began to form around Sapien Town, including Luke Cage's Avengers, Shang-Chi's Dragons and a new version of the Wolfpack.  
    The Wolfpack consisted of younger heroes who more closely resembled the roaster of the New Warriors from Earth-616.   Alex & Julie Power appeared without their siblings Jack & Katie.  The Power kids were joined by Darkhawk, Rage, Speedball, Turbo and Rafael Vega.   
    They were ambushed by the NYPD's Brotherhood, who had combined forces with the Kingpin's assassins.   Posing as Karolina Dean on behalf of the Pride, Boom Boom sprung the trap.  Although the Wolfpack outnumbered Boom Boom's team, they struggled against Typhoid Mary's psychic attacks and the Blob's brutal physical violence.  Rafael Vega ordered his team to surrender before Boom Boom used her explosive powers to disfigure them all.
    The only Earth-616 Wolfpack member to appear in the House of M's Wolfpack was Rafael Vega who appeared to be in control of the team.

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