Character » Wolf appears in 6 issues.

    A member of the Council of Spiders. He has mechanical arms which he uses to carry additional firearms.

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     A mercenary who, like the Huntress of Gotham, targets those of the mob for death. Despite being a vigilante, his morals are very flexible as he has no problems killing innocents to get to his intended target.
    He was recruited by the Wanderer to hunt down and kill the ultimate prey, R'as al Ghul and the League of Assassins. He accepts her request and journeys with her as they take down the league and R'as. In the end he is defeated by Red Robin but left alive. No doubt revenge is on his mind.

    Skills and abilities

     He is an excellent shot and uses conventional firearms to great effect. In addition he also has outfitted himself with four mechanical arms so he can wield six firearms at once increasing his likelihood of killing his targets. 
    It is unknown if these arms are simply attached when in use or if they are bonded to his body.

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