Wolf Valley

    Location » Wolf Valley appears in 93 issues.

    The home of Snow, Bigby and the cubs, just outside Farm property. Also referred to as Wolf Manor (at least after the house was built on the land).

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    When many of the Fables migrated to the Mundane world after the armies of the Adversary began slowly conquering the home worlds, all of the Fables lived in peace under their amnesty agreement. However, as more humans began to populate the city of New York, King Cole established the Farm as a safe haven for the more inhuman looking Fables. Four characters (three giants--Lonny, Donny, and Johnny--and a dragon--Clarathea) were deemed too large to effectively stay mobile. The four agreed to be put into a magical slumber and took Wolf Valley as their place of rest, staying there for many years. Later, Snow White woke the quartet to help quell a coup on the Farm, and, since all four had their shapes magically changed, they no longer needed the valley to sleep. 
    After Snow and Bigby were married and had their children, a place needed to be set aside for them away from the mundies since several of the babies had slightly inhuman appearances and were often floating around in mid-air. The natural choice of the Farm was not an option, however, as many of the non-human Fables did not want the former Big Bad Wolf coming onto their property. Therefore, as a wedding present, a house was built in Wolf Valley for the new family and it was dubbed Wolf Manor.  This area would soon become the nerve center for the battle planning and staging area in the war with the Adversary. 

    Recently, all settlements in the Mundane world have been vacated due to the growing threat of Mr. Dark. Snow and the children went to stay with the children's grandfather Mr. North and the rest of the Fables immigrated to Flycatcher's kingdom called Haven. 


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