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Cullen Bunn: Terrible in your cover band, but perfect on original material

First, it's an interesting state of affairs when the regular cover is more attractive than the "exclusive" variant. If you are tempted to pick this up because of the Jae Lee cover, be aware that Jeremy Haun provides the interior art. Haun's art is attractive, and with colors by longtime Vertigo guy Lee Loughridge, is totally appropriate for the Cullen Bunn's original, full moon horror story. As Bunn writes, Haun indeed draws a mean werewolf.

Okay, now for the rest of it. Cullen Bunn's superhero work is hit and miss for me; if a friend told me, "Hey, Cullen Bunn is writing a new Doctor Strange book," then I'd probably be sad because the book would be as mediocre as some of the post-1986 efforts to write the good doctor have turned out. However, his original material is not bad. I mean, The Sixth Gun very nearly became a competitor for all of the other comic book properties on prime time television, and this book? Welllll... it's okay.

Dillon Chase sports a pretty nasty set of scars on his face, courtesy of a werewolf. Bunn turns the mythos on its ear; if you get bitten or raked by lycanthrope claws in Wolf Moon's story world, you don't turn into a werewolf... You just die or hurt a whole lot. Here's the kicker: after the full moon goes away, the spirit of the werewolf jumps into another body at random. So, this creates a lot of story-telling possibilities for this series. What if Dillon eventually gets possessed? What about one of the people around him? What if he has to put down a six-year old kid who is threatening to kill a church-load of good Samaritans? There are a lot of possibilities here that could keep this book going beyond six issues [it's a limited series], but it would need some more wrinkles to turn it into a regular ongoing. If he's seventy-five issues in and still hasn't caught the damn thing, something's wrong.

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I gave this three stars because the premiere issue is a lot like the second Matrix movie; there is story there, but there is more gore and spectacle than anything else. You don't get a lot of info about the protagonist, this in spite of the fact it's told from his POV. He has a mentor that we don't know yet, and there IS another faceless blood-letter in the mix. Most of the first issue is the werewolf's killing spree. Also, this is just MY thing, but I hate images of animals being tortured or killed, so right off the bat, I was worrying my lip as I went forward.

So, I'm going to read another issue and see if my interest continues. To make up your own mind, check out Wolf Moon from Vertigo. The cover is $3.99.

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