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Wolf Daddy was a good friend of Richarz Blood. Instead of his son, Richarz decided to make Wolf Daddy his heir to the throne.

One day, Herrschaft Grimm's magi got out "the Door of Magical Essence". Wolf Daddy and Richarz, as well as Richarz wife, fought the materialized magic in order to force it back through the door before in spread chaos in the Demon World. They managed to do this, but not without Richarz's wife being dragged in as well, and Richarz had to absorb some of the magic as well. Knowing that Grimm's magic would live on in him, he asked Wolf Daddy to kill him. Wolf Daddy does so, by pulling his heart out of his body. Richarz's son Braz watches his father's dead, believing that Wolf Daddy killed him so that he could take his throne.

At some point, Wolf Daddy had a affair with a demon called Katy. It is unknown if she left him before the birth of their son Wolf. After Wolf were born, Katy left the Demon world in order to live as a human, and Wolf was then left to be raised by his father. Wolf Daddy abounded him quickly, do to his son being a half-bread, and made his son life as a low-class demon, despite him being son of the king.

Powers & Abilities

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Wolf Daddy is a werewolf, and possibly the most powerful demon in the Demon World(until Akim took his throne).

Wolf Daddy can use his magic to increase his strength, and he can also use his magic to turn into werewolf form, which makes him several times even stronger. the werewolf form also grants him claws that can cut through anything and create shock-waves.

Unlike other werewolves who only use their magic to make their bodies stronger, Wolf Daddy is also capable of using energy based attacks. His finishing move is called "Obedience Laser", where he summons dozen of energy balls that all fires off lasers, pulverizing Wolf Daddy's enemy.

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