Wolf Cubs

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    The seven children of Snow White and Bigby Wolf.

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    The "cubs" were conceived when Snow White and Bigby Wolf had a one night stand whilst under the control of a potion provided by Bluebeard. Bigby's heightened senses informed him of this brief affair but to ensure survival and minimize Snow's panic, he decided not to tell her. Unfortunately, Snow had been impregnated.

    Several months later, she gave birth to her children after the battle against the wooden soldiers. It was apparent from the start that her children had inherited the wolf traits from their father. This meant they could not live in New York but had to move to the Farm, separating the cubs from Bigby.

    Because of their heritage, the children's natural default for travel was flight. Because Bigby was gone, and had never had that problem, their Grandfather the North Wind was given that responsibility. The children, under the tutelage of their grandfather, The North Wind, gained the ability to control their flight as well as change their forms from human, werewolf or fully lupine.

    After their birth, their was a string of sudden deaths. The North Wind, who had arrived to see his grandchildren, was able to explain to their mother the existence of Zeyphers. They were able to discover the cause. One of the seven, later named Ghost by Bigby, was born with a birth defect; he was a zephyr, a rogue wind whose invisible nature meant his parents were initially unaware of his existence. This entity fed off the air of living beings, accidentally killing them before he learned control. Snow White, after a rash of deaths, discovers that they were inadvertently caused by her last child. She sends Ghost to find his self-exiled father. The family has since been reunited. On their fifth birthday, the other six cubs were introduced to Ghost, but were sworn to secrecy as to his existence. Even from telling Rose Red, as she is not a "wolf".

    During the war to reclaim the homelands, Wolf Manor become the nerve center of Fabletown's war operations. Because of this, Snow became the unofficial commander-in-chief while her husband, Bigby, ran operations at Fort Bravo, Prince Charming was on the Glory, and Beast commanded the defense procedures at Fabletown. Rose watched after the cubs to ensure that they didn't bother the soldiers, who obviously wouldn't appreciate someone suddenly shouting at them "Bang, you're dead!"

    The cubs would later travel with their parents to their Granfather's castle. During the trip, the cubs were attacked by their Six uncles. Though young, they were able to keep out of their grasp and fend them off until their father was able to save them. Afterwards their uncles were turned into goldfish and left to the Cubs mercy.

    The Prophecy

    As originally revealed in 2009 at the San Diego Comic-Con (and later published in the "Inherit the Wind" arc in late 2011, although not in the exact same form in relation to page-layout), there is a prophecy Ozma told to Ambrose about him and the other cubs:

    • The first child will be a king,
    • The second child a pauper.
    • The third will do an evil thing.
    • The fourth will die to stop her.
    • The fifth will be a hero bold.
    • The sixth will judge the rest.
    • The seventh lives to ages old, and is by heaven blessed.

    In Fables #111, the first of the seven prophecies was fulfilled when Winter officially became King of the North (the position previously held by her grandfather).

    The third and fourth child prophecies occurred in Fables #121 when Therese was revealed as the third child, doing "an evil thing" by murdering Mountbatten for his flesh and ordering the wooden toys of her kingdom burned to eat it. Darian is revealed as the fourth child, as he sacrificed himself to a magic cauldron so that Therese could have food, and thus, end her insanity. After the North Wind's death, it was eventually revealed that Winter was the first child when she replaced her grandfather. It has also been heavily hinted that Ambrose is the sixth child.

    In the last volume of Fables (titled "Farewell") the identities of the remaining cubs in the prophecy were revealed: First, Blossom was confirmed to be the "Pauper" as she grows up to be a huntress who lives without material possessions in the woods. Connor is the the "Hero Bold" since he grows up to be a brave adventurer who travels between worlds. Ghost is also confirmed as the seventh child, who outlives all his siblings after their long and eventful lives.


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