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Woden was born to Thor and Sif in an alternate universe (Earth 691, 31st Century). He grew up without the presence of his father who continued to pursue adventures and as a result became an ill-tempered youth. Sif, concerned about her son's poor disposition and apathy towards his lineage approached Odin who then commanded Thor to return to Asgard against the Thunder God's wishes. Despite taking his son under his wing and instilling a strong pride of their heritage within the younger Asgardian, Thor in time found himself spending more and more time in the mead-halls, mourning the loss of his formerly exciting and victorious past. Witnessing his father's descent into self-pity and largesse, Woden left home in disgust and disappointment.


Woden is a Marvel character created by Michael Gallagher and Craig Anderson in 1994. He first appeared in Guardians Of The Galaxy #42

Character Evolution

From a bully to a proud Asgardian, Woden traveled throughout the universe and various realms putting to use his training as a warrior. Much like his father, his arrogance became tempered by these experiences and any remaining vestiges of his selfish and boastful youthful self were gone. It was during this time he came across the Guardians of the Galaxy and joined them in their battles in defending many worlds and ensuring freedom for all. When Asgard came under attack, he returned home and was worthy of wielding the Mjolnir, taking the place of the now unworthy Thor.

Major Story Arcs

Woden - Galactic Guardians #1
Woden - Galactic Guardians #1

Woden returned to Asgard and found it under attack by Loki and his army of Inhumans. His father Thor had deteriorated into a miserable, bloated drunk who long ago lost the honor of wielding the Mjolnir and so had a forgery made to keep face. Now a warrior forged through multiple battles and true of heart, Woden gained the ability to wield the powerful relic and took on the position his father had once filled. Woden made his presence known to his ill-meaning uncle and prevented Loki from destroying Asgard, battling the older god much in the same way his father Thor had in the past. With the assistance of his friend Talon and the Amulet of Agamotto, Loki and the Inhumans were defeated and trapped in a mystic bubble kept strong by Starhawk. Their world now safe, honor was restored to Thor who had joined in the battle. Woden stood by his father and grandfather Odin, all three powerful gods declaring Loki and his allies forever banished to the Black Canyon.

In time Woden battled Silverback who he had found defying the eldergod Heimdall's command the creature leave the BiFrost. Woden transported both himself and the powerful Silverback into the radioactive wasteland that had once been the Great Lakes where he defeated the monster, leaving it on remain on Earth.

In another battle, Woden helped defeat Ubiquitor by having the Mojnir augment the powers of Phoenix IX, enabling his friend to defeat the female villain.

Powers and Abilities

Woden is an extraordinary warrior and possesses superior strength and durability of the Asgardian race. He has incredible speed and stamina along with impenetrable skin.

Having inherited the Mjolnir, Woden is also capable of controlling the weather and opening portals into other dimensions and worlds. He is best able to control thunder and lightning.


Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde


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