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    At first the Wizard knew little true magic and relied mainly upon illusions he created through mystical hypnotic means. He could also engage in Astral projection. Later on he learned true magic.

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    As a young man, William Asmodeus Zard was a criminal gun man who was soon captured by the police. During his time in prison, Zard decided that crime was like a business and to succeed he would need to practice new and different methods. Upon his release, Zard traveled to Tibet where he studied the mystical arts. While there he learned the method of Astral projection, hypnotism and he also taught himself Black Magic, using the latter to kill the lama who had been his teacher.

    Major Story Arcs

    Returning to America, Zard used his new skills to launch his criminal career as the Wizard.

    Deeply cynical about humanity, the Wizard believed everyone was a criminal and only those who were afraid of being caught did not get involved in criminal activity. Hence the Wizard believed that the Justice Society were really criminals and he offered to become their partner in crime. When the JSA members refused, the Wizard challenged them to stop a series of crimes and he unsuccessfully tried to kill them. Finally convinced that the JSA were indeed honest, the Wizard escaped.

    A short time later the Wizard organized the Injustice Society - a criminal organization that tried to seize control of the United States - but was once again thwarted by the Justice Society.

    Over the years, the Wizard greatly increased his magical knowledge and abilities. In an attempt to gain revenge on Black Canary, the Wizard gave her infant daughter the sonic powers she has learned to control in adulthood.

    Years later the Wizard became a member of the Crime Champions and once again clashed with the JSA and the JLA.

    The Wizard helped the Injustice League to free Johnny Sorrow. He is currently a member of the Injustice League.

    In Other Media

    The Wizard has made two animated appearances

    In the First, a version of him appeared in the Justice League TV series as a foe of an alternate version of the Golden Age heroes called the Justice Guild

    In the second, he appeared in Young Justice, in the episode misplaced.


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