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Whos the greatest comic figures? 0

okay your not gonna believe this but in this issue but they give a list for the top 200 superheros here is some of the numbers   1 Wolverine 2 Batman 3 Spiderman 4 Joker  7 Captain America                                19 Hulk32 Green Arrow36 Iron Man47 Silver Surfer98 Venom133 Nightcrawlercan you beleive some of those numbers?I was shocked also....

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Wrong 0

Here is my problem with this issue.1.  Wolverine2. Batman3. Spiderman4. Superman5. The Joker6. Roschach7. Captain America8. Hellboy9. Magneto10. John Constantine11. The Thing12. Snake Eyes13. Kitty Pryde14. Jesse Custer15. Wonder Woman16. Lex Luthor17. Morpheus18. Doctor Doom19. The Hulk20. Miracleman21. Daredevil22. Commissioner Gordon23.  Yorick Brown24.  Marv25. The Spirit26. Cassidy27. Green Goblin28. Fone Bone29. Ozymandias30. The Flash31. Tuilp O' Hare32. Green Arrow33. Death34. Luke Cage3...

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