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    Dyslexic & Aphasic, Wiz-Kid was a wheelchair-bound, mutant, technopath. Taki assisted in stopping N'astirh from fusing Limbo to Earth together forever during Inferno.

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    Origin of Wiz-Kid

    St. Simon's Academy

    Not much is revealed about Taki's life prior to his enrollment at St. Simon's Academy. St. Simon's was a private elementary school for children with reading disabilities. Taki, being that he suffered from Dyslexia & Aphasia, was enrolled at the Academy, by his uncle, due to his learning disability. His enrollment occurred not too long after a car accident claimed the lives of both of his parents and the use of both of his legs, which left him wheelchair-bound. Taki was sad, angry and held in feelings of resentment for his parents abandoning him, or what he felt was abandonment. These feelings only worsened matters for Taki; he began to seclude himself and stayed isolated from children his own age.

    During his times alone Taki would use his natural talents to keep himself busy. Taki has/had a knack for computers and electronics; in fact he describes himself as a "computer genius inventor." This wasn’t untrue. Taki would spend hours a day tinkering with his inventions that were actually working electronic devices, quite amazing ones at that. Taki had never wondered about his talents or there origins, he simply accepted them as normal. That is until the fateful day that he first met two young mutants, that had just been enrolled at St. Simon's Academy, by the names of Artie & Leech.

    Taki first took note of Artie & Leech when they were being dropped of by Jean Grey (then using the codename Marvel Girl) at St. Simon's. While they were going through their introductions to the academy staff, Taki sat in his wheelchair further back in the courtyard. Taki, was not pleased by the presence of the two new young students. Their physical appearances reminded Taki of his own appearance and the fact that he is in a wheelchair. He initially begins to self-loathe but then re-focuses his anger at Artie & Leech, taking note that "Artie & Leech are even freakier than me- even if they do have powers."

    Later that day, Artie & Leech were coloring at a table with one of their instructors by the name of Lynne Huntington. Lynne is telling the boys that the academy is going to help them learn to talk (in Artie's case as he is unable to communicate verbally), read and write. Taki, becoming overwhelmed with emotions decides to make his presence known. He zooms by, in his wheelchair, exclaiming, "The school can't help them because they couldn't help him!" He followed up with the fact that it didn't matter if he had those disabilities because he "can build things like my souped-up double-wheelie-racier-chair!" He explained that it’s the "most special chair in the world" making it even better then walking. The instructors did not attempt to interfere, as this was the first time Taki had shown any interest at all in anyone at the school. While Taki continued zooming around in his wheelchair, a loud screech was heard and Taki's chair, as if possessed, toppled over and landed on top of him. This occurred right as Leech approached him. None were aware why this occurred. In actuality, it was Leech's mutant ability to dampen super powers (or in this case mutant abilities) that made the wheelchair not function properly. Taki was completely oblivious to the fact that he had powers, so the thought never crossed his mind that he may be a mutant. Taki, angered at the situation began to yell at the two young mutants and said that he didn't want them around him anymore. Through the coming week Taki would interact with the two young mutants, albeit to show of his inventions. Taki also made it clear that he was not a fan of Leech, because of how he felt when Leech was around. This again because of Leech's powers, but neither of them deduced this.

    One night, after lights out hour, Taki was awakened by what he thought was scratching noises outside of his window. He looked out his window and saw two winged demons called N’asteri's ( N'astirh's demon followers) looking in Artie & Leech's window. Not believing his eyes, he decided he had to check it out, since there was no way, scientifically, he could really be seeing what he was seeing. As he got to the room he realizes that his eyes weren't lying to him. He catches the demons grabbing both Artie & Leech attempting to put them in bags. The young mutants were unaware but these demons were sent on a mission to gather together 13 children to be used as sacrifices to open a dimensional portal (it would later to be revealed that they required 13 babies NOT school age kids) The demons were drawn to the school because they could smell the power from Artie & Leech, this due to their mutant natures. Taki, fighting himself internally, wondering if he should help since he doesn't really like kids, decides to act. He yells at them to stop. Then Crotus (one of the demons) lunges at him and smells the familiar scent of power on him as well. Crotus asks the other demon if they should take Taki too, but decides that Taki is too old to be of any use. Suddenly, there is a loud zap, and a burst of light as Crotus is shot and thrown in the backwards direction of Taki. A puzzled Taki sees a gun that has strangely appeared on his wheelchair and wonders how it got there. Then his wheelchair began to change form and was then armed with more lasers. Unsure of what was happening, but accepting the fact that he is doing, he decides to attach. He accelerates his "Goblin Buster" towards the demons releasing a volley of lasers and blast from his newly formed wheelchair. As he advances he gets too close to the demon holding Leech and Taki's his powers begin to weaken. Leech then indicates that Taki can't get too close to him, else his powers will stop Taki's mutant power. The closer Taki get to Leech the more his "Goblin Buster" morphs back to its original appearance and he falls forward due to speed he was traveling at. All the while, the demons take Artie & Leech and fly out the window. Leaving Taki alone and defeated say out loud "I'm....What?," then passes out from the pain of the fall combined with the extreme usage of his mutant gifts.

    Prelude to the Inferno!

    After Taki finds that he is a mutant with technomorphing powers, he realizes that he must do something to help find Artie & Leech. He attempts to get help from the school and the local authorities but no one believes him. He remembers that the two young mutants were dropped off by Jean Grey. Taki wasn't necessarily familiar with who she was but what she was from. He recalled that she was apart of X-Factor (though at that time they were under the guise of mutant hunters). He attempts to reach them, to no avail. Through a number of events he finds that there were additional students that were sent to a different school that came with Artie & Leech. He deduces that they too would, most likely, have powers too, and that they could help him. Luckily the other school was but a few miles from Taki, so he decides to go. Once there he locates and picks up the other mutants. They were Sally Blevins a.k.a. Skids Blevins, Russel "Rusty" Collins, Tabitha Smith then using the code name Boom Boom & Julio Esteban Richter aka Rictor. The mutants he picked up were the X-Terminators, he went with them and begin their journey to find Artie & Leech. Their search leads them to N'astirh. During their search and rescue Taki gets captured. N'astirh's goal is to gather 13 children together, specifically wanting babies, to sacrifice them so he could magically fuse the dimensions of Limbo and Earth-616 together to increase his own powers.

    N'astirh though, found that the three young mutants, including Taki, were all too old for his uses. With no use of them he decides to simply kill them. Taki decided that he had to react, and offered his abilities to N'astirh as a means to bargain with him to save their lives. N'astirh accepted. Taki then began to construct a super-computer that allowed N'astirh to cast multiple spells with increased potency and allowed him to open the portal from Limbo to Earth even faster then before. To make matters work N'astirh, through a string of events, become infected with the Techno-Organic virus. This basically makes him living circuitry. It also allows him to utilize Taki's super-computer, once completed, to process spells and also had near limitless processing speed for them as well. Taki tried to delay the completion as long as he could to buy time for the X-Terminators to save the 3 young mutants. He was forced to comply though when N'astrih threatened to harm Artie and Leech. Once completed, this portal allowed the inhabitants, all followers of N'astirh, of Limbo to come out at a faster pace. This was not Taki's intentions though. He was simply trying to find a means to save his, Artie & Leech lives. Feeling responsible, Taki makes it his personal goal to help stop the portal from opening and saving the 13 children. The X-Terminators along with another group of young mutant hero’s by the name of the New Mutants eventually get to Taki and the other. They immediately begin their attack and also start to save all of the children. Amidst the ensuing chaos N'astirh takes Taki away to a hidden place. This time N'astirh made Taki, himself, program the computer, but Taki purposely made the spell too powerful for N'astirh. This results in the spell backfiring and reversing back to N'astirh. Then N'astirh, being techno-organic tried to absorb the computer, so that he could internalize the special abilities the computer had. Taki used his power to keep the computer normal and not absorbed by N'astirh, causing a large explosion and helping to close the portal also injuring him at the same time. The X-Terminator and the New Mutants manage to slow N'astirh's plans to take over Earth. N'astirh was defeated and eventually destroyed by the combined efforts of the X-Men and X-Factor. These events eventually lead to Taki becoming a member of the X-Terminators.

    Back To St. Simon's Academy

    Taki, Artie and Leech all are sent back to St. Simon's Academy. Taki begins his recovery from the injuries he sustained from the explosion. During this time he becomes great friends with Artie and Leech. Shortly after the events of Inferno, the X-Terminators disband. Many of the members joining other teams such as the New Mutants and the Mutant Liberation Front(M.L.F.). Taki, Artie & Leech all stay at St. Simon's to continue their education.

    In the coming months they had many small adventures, and some not so small. In one instance, the Alliance of Evil attack the school, being used as pawns by Harness and Piecemeal. They were there in an attempt to resurrect the reality warping mutant Proteus. Taki, along with both Artie and Leech would put up a valiant effort against the attackers, trying to keep them at bay. Though they would put up a good fight, the three of them would be over-powered. Taki was able to dish out the most damage but was injured and knocked unconscious by Tower, the size altering member of the Alliance of Evil. Though the boys were not successful in thwarting the Alliance of Evil from accomplishing their goal. It would briefly lead to a reunion of Taki and former X-Terminator member: Boom-Boom, who was now with X-Force. With the information Taki would provide to X-Force, it would allow them to follow the Alliance member's to their next stop and ultimately find out what their plans were effectivly putting a stop to them.

    On another adventure, the boys (Taki, Artie & Leech) go joy riding in a saucer-shaped air-craft techomorphed and designed by Taki. They were mistaken as aliens. The situation was quickly resolved though.Taki's final appearance followed him, along with Artie and Leech, taking down a mutant hating boyfriend of one of the teachers at the school. The teacher's boyfriend was going to bomb the school and kill all the mutant children there. The boys managed to save all the children at the school and stop the bomb.

    Shortly after that Artie and Leech are enrolled and leave for new Massachusetts Academy to be trained as part of the young mutant group know as Generation X. Taki's current activities remain to be revealed, it’s assumed that he stayed at St. Simon's Academy, though never stated. Taki is shown to be depowered in New Avengers #18 due to events of M-Day. Additionally it was also revealed that Taki's mutant powers are now apart of the Collective. His mutant energy signature was recognized and his face came up on a screen confirming it.

    Later on he is enrolled in Avengers Academy having regained his mutant powers under unknown circumstances.


    Taki is a mutant, with the ability to techno-form, and to psionically rearrange parts of machinery, such as metal, plastic and glass, into various forms and functions of his specifications, even to the point of being contrary to the laws of nature and science.

    Taki, in most cases, utilizes his wheelchair as the main component to most of his inventions by turning it into a number of things, including: hovercraft, aircraft or "Goblin Buster."

    Taki's mutant gifts along with his innate computer and electronics savvy allows him to further utilize his abilities to a greater degree.

    Taki's limitation is that he must have the resources near him to utilize his mutant power to create whatever invention he going to make. He's not able to make it, if there is nothing near him to utilize. He must also have a power source to power his devices.


    Known Relatives:

    Mother and father (unidentified, deceased), uncle (unidentified).


    Citizen of the United States, with no criminal record.

    Place of Birth:


    Marital Status:



    (Former) Adventurer, Student (Presumed).


    St. Simon's Academy, Xavier Institute and Massachusetts Academy: all at elementary level.







    87 lbs





    Unique Traits:

    Taki requires the use of glasses to enable his ability to see clearly and properly. He also must utilize his wheelchair as mean of transportation due to his damaged legs.

    Alternate Realities


    Ultimate Universe

    In the Ultimates reality, Wiz-Kid is a wheelchair-bound polio victim, who claims to be able to alter the temperature of certain inorganic materials. He is a member of the Ultimate Defenders. The team refers to him as the "little wheel-fellow," and they generally all talk down to him. It's eventually revealed that they only allowed him to join the team so that they could get corporate sponsorship by having a disabled team member.

    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Wiz-Kid is one of the four children kidnapped by Zebediah Kilgrave aka Purple Man. They are brainwashed into working for and serving the Purple Man. The Purple Man ultimately used the young mutants to attack the governor of the town they lived in, so that Purple Man could use his powers on him to make the governor his slave. Taki and the other children were eventually saved by Cyclops and Purple Man's plans were foiled.


    Louise Simonson and Louise Bogdove are the creators of Wiz-Kid.


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