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    A famous singer, fashion model, and actress that happened to have a knack for magic.

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    Witchfire remembers a childhood spent in the orphanage where a book of spells exposed young Rebecca Carstairs to the wickedly fun world of magic. As an adult, she assumed the stage name Witchfire and set out to conquer the entertainment world, winning fame as a singer, actress, model and motorcycle daredevil.

    At a concert in Boston, Witchfire cast a careless spell and unwittingly released Nekron, Lord of the Unliving. Wonder Woman helped her send the unliving entity back to his dimension and Witchfire committed herself to refining her supernatural abilities. She eventually joined the San Fransico-based Super-hero firm The Power Company as a partner, though some members (notably Skyrocket) considered her little more than a publicity seeker. After her first year with the Power Company, Witchfire discovered a disturbing truth – she was a homunculus, a magical-created artificial being and not the true Rebecca Carstairs. How she will deal with this revelation remains to be seen. She hopes to win new clients for the Power Company.

    Witchfire was one of the magicians that waited for Shadowpact outside of the blood bubble.


    Witchfire was one of five women unknowingly chosen by the goddess Hecate to receive a Witchmark, which contained part of Hecate's magical power. While attending a meeting with the Sisterhood of the Sleight Hand, Witchfire was possessed by Hecate, who used her to kill many of the other Sisterhood members before Witchfire herself died.

    Witchfire later appeared to Wonder Woman as a spirit after Wonder Woman was also possessed through a Witchmark. Wonder Woman left Witchfire behind in the spiritual world to return to Earth and help Justice League Dark defeat Hecate.


    Witchfire was created by Kurt Busiek and Tom Grummett, first appearing in JLA #61, February 2002.


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