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The three witches are Jennifer Kale, Satana, and Topaz. Even before Andy Kale opened the Tome of Zhered-Na which houses the Hellphyr, strong mystics could feel the awakening of this evil creature. Those touched by these events included Doctor Strange, Agatha Harkness, Snowbird, Scarlet Witch, Lilith and many more. Topaz approaches Doctor Strange to ask what has happened. He explains and tells her what they must do to stop this creature - the only way to seal the book is by a Kale doing so. Doctor Strange astral projects to where Jennifer is and fills her in on events. She comes to Doctor Strange's mansion and meets Topaz, who we learn is a slave of Doctor Strange. Jennifer Kale and Topaz figure out who their next partner is when Doctor Strange brings her back from hell - it's Satana.

The Hellphyr is devouring the heart, minds, and spirit of mystics. Each time it feeds it becomes more powerful. The witches get to know each other better, while Doctor Strange seeks to find out what happened to all the mystics when they were attacked by the Hellphyr. Meanwhile, Lilith sends a monster to the witches to welcome them. Doctor Strange's assistance helps the witches learn how to defend themselves, which becomes more of a problem than a solution. Doctor Strange watches the witches cluelessly battle the creature Lilith sent to them. Jennifer disposes of the creature but also hurts Satana in the process. Satana then tries to choke Jennifer, Jennifer quits and walks off. Andy Kale figures out that he is the Hellphyr and he can't control his changes. Jennifer attempts to get away from all the stress by going to her brothers house, just as he turns into the Hellphyr. Right outside her door Jennifer is attacked by the Hellphyr and defends herself pretty well. Satana and Topaz comes to help her, but Doctor Strange is in the street getting beaten up by Lilith. Satana figures out that the man who tricked Andy into opening the book is none other than her father. The witches then use all their powers and destroy the Hellphyr. Doctor Strange commands Jennifer to give him the book. She refuses and Topaz steps up and tell Doctor Strange that the book belongs to the Kale family. Then the witches walk off together.

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