Witchblade Case Files #1

    Witchblade Case Files » Witchblade Case Files #1 - Case Files; Working Late released by Top Cow Productions on October 2014.

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    Take a look into the personal files of Sara Pezzini! 19 years and 180 issues of juggling her career as both a law enforcement officer and the Balance of Good and Evil means a whole lot of crooks, ne'er-do-wells, and straight-up monsters, and we've got the scoop on the worst of them. Includes a never-before-seen backup story from Talent Hunt runners-up!

    Features two stories:

    Case Files:
    Presented as excerpts from Sara Pezzini's personal files, "Case Files" recaps major events of the Witchblade franchise up until Sara's move to upstate New York in #170. No characters actually appear "on screen", and instead the narrative is told through a series of letters, newspaper articles, interview transcripts, and police reports written by or featuring the series' characters. (Aside from the letters, reports, and articles, no new art appears in this story. Instead, art from past issues is reused when a "photo" of a character is needed)

    Working Late:
    Butcher Joyce sits in a bar a reminisces about the time he had to clean up a young Jackie Estocado's first kill.


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