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From a new Top Cow Reader

From #151 Issue Cover
From #151 Issue Cover
  • I had a little bit idea about Witchblade before and I wanted to jump in at some point into the story. I was primarily DC reader. I got myself this 151 and found it very interesting.
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  • Art is just really cool. I was getting the feel of raw personality of Sara Pezzini. Came to know that she was a cop but no more & now a private detective.
  • The 2 page spread of top cow universe is really cool that comes along with The Darkness's commentary on how the new universe came to be..
  • Story is going a bit slow but great enough to continue reading. I liked the twist at the end.
  • This issue has last few pages with a large spread timeline details especially for new readers to know what has happened till date in the Witchblade story lines. This is gr8 for even those regularly following Witchblade.
  • The story begins with a puzzling situation where Sara is in prison - which is explained exactly why at the end..
  • I am buying more issues as I am now hooked on to the storyline.
  • P.S: I also have bough a trade Witchblade Origins to get a background idea of the character.

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