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We finally find out out the deal with David Worthy is.


More than any other man, Kenneth Irons was the ultimate adversary for Witchblade wielder Sara Pezzini. But even though Irons is dead and buried, his reach may stretch beyond the grave. Sara’s past comes back to haunt both her and Dani, as the creative team of Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Samurai: Heaven and Earth) and Stjepan Sejic (First Born) race toward the climax of their first storyline.


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More than meets the eye... 0

Kenneth Irons is dead..hes been dead quite a while...and just when i forgot about him and turned my attention to the new storylines and the exciting new villains that is equally enticing and vile(Celestine)..the uncovering of david worthy as gerard irons reminded of something quite evident in just don't keep the big bad guys down..The only flaws to this issue is that wouldn't Irons or Nottingham have said something about Gerard?There was pleanty of oppurtunity?And why in all Irons' a...

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Now we know what's up with David Worthy 0

Last issue gave a big of surprise with where David came from. As if that wasn't enough of a reveal, this issue tells even more of his "origin." I'm not sure how I really feel. A little cheesey but it works. It's nice to have a new "villain" in David. Let's hope he survives long enough to be a thorn in Sara's side.It's nice to have this bit of story coming to an end as hopefully Dani will learn from this. She hasn't been portrayed as the sharpest Witchblade there is. She has potential so s...

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