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Get ready to hide under the covers

I really liked this issue. It was a change of pace from the recent large scale fights. Even though Sara doesn't really get out of her new apartment (how can you with a newborn?) she still saw her share of action. Maybe a little corny. Maybe you could kind of see it coming. I still liked it. Witchblade versus a ghost. I'm sold.

Then there's Dani. Is it just me or does this David Worthy guy smell a little fishy? Why the heck did Dani so openly use her powers and tell this dude her life history? And let's see, he's a collector. He finds things for other people. Where could this be going? I really hope Dani isn't made out to be...foolish. I know she's still getting used to her powers but come on. Ron Marz, don't let me down.

I've also really been enjoying Sami Basri's art. We know Stjepan Sejic is coming on board with issue #116. I hope to see more from Basri real soon.


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