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General Information

Witch House is a manor located in Penmallow, a small town close to the sunken city of Kalumesh. It was originally owned by Zedediah Gordon, but after his death it was inherited by his nephew Henry Gordon. Throughout the years the manor was taken care of by a beautiful housekeeper named Blondine. Witch House's sinister appearance is justified by its purpose - ultimately serving as the gateway between Earth and the evil living planet Kathulos, agent of the Old One, Shuma-Gorath.   

Major Story Arcs

After Doctor Strange rescues Henry Gordon and Blondine from the clutches of Dagoth the Sea Demon, he takes them back to Witch Manor to join Clea and Wong. Once in the manor the evil Kathulos causes the manor to cave in on top of them. In order to escape from the rubble Doctor Strange uses the power of the Vishanti to eviscerate the remains of Witch Manor. It was rebuilt into a simple house by Henry Gordon and Blondine after its destruction. 

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