Character » Wipeout appears in 52 issues.

    A member of the Genoshan Press Gang who can neutralize mutant or other superhuman powers at will.

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    Wipeout was an elderly member of the Press Gang, otherwise known as Magistrates, super-powered enforcers of the law on the island-nation of Genosha. Being elderly, he usually stays behind in Genosha to neutralize the prisoners brought to him by Pipeline.


    Wipeout was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri in 1988 and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men # 236.

    Major Story Arcs

    In one of his rare, few field missions, he manages to disrupt the living, sentient vehicle called Ship that X-Factor uses for their headquarters.

    X-Tinction Agenda

    During the X-Tinction Agenda, when an amnesiac Havok is brainwashed into serving as a Genoshan magistrate, the insane Cameron Hodge kills Wipeout to frame Havok, who is slowly remembering his true loyalties to the X-Men.


    Wipeout was capable of removing a mutant's superhuman powers by creating a self-perpetuating energy "block" in their system that prevented bio-genetic power from properly traveling from their "X-factor" gene to the rest of their system. This power block lasted indefinitely and required no concentration to maintain "wiped" mutants stayed powerless even after Wipeout fell asleep and after he was killed. He could mentally remove these blocks at will if he chose to. When he first tried to use his powers on a non-mutant it had the effect of disruption rather than total removal. One such victim was the quasi-living alien Ship.


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