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Re-creating a hero!

LAST BITTER MARCH REVIEW! Writer Rick Remender, artist Roland Boschi, and color artist Chris Chuckry join Winter Soldier and Agent Shen on another action packed issue!

The Good

In this issue's story, Winter Soldier and Agent Shen are trying to stop Hydra from getting their hands on a secret formula!

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From reading this issue, I suddenly realized what Rick Remender was doing with Winter Soldier and this series. He was re-creating, or re-sparking, the hero that once was "Bucky Barnes!" Winter Soldier was manipulated into doing things that went against all the moral standards that Cap placed in him; when, he was Bucky Barnes. The constant flashbacks that W.S. has had off-and-on; finally, pay off in this issue! I like how Remender played with Bucky's old memories and how it conflicted with Winter Soldier's directive. And eventually, how doing the wrong thing; turned into doing the, right, thing for Winter Soldier, and brought back the hero we all know. This was handled quite nicely and it worked extremely well with the villain in this issue!

The artwork, "AH!", so amazing! Roland Boschi and Chris Chuckry continue to impress me with this fantastic world that is well drawn and colored. From the style to the colors, it really adds to Rick Remender's story telling. In short, it's just one of the best art teams that are currently on a monthly series!

The Bad

No complaints, really enjoyed this issue!

The Verdict

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This issue was really great! Remender has done a really great job with Winter Soldier and Shen's story, making it feel like one story; instead of two! Even though, they are two separate characters. The artwork is superb and it really captures the world in a unique way. You really should check this series out if you are interested in Winter Soldier! 5 out of 5. NEXT BITTER MARCH REVIEW!

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