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    Character » Winslow Heath appears in 6 issues.

    Mr. Heath was exposed to the Joker Poison, and was thought dead. After being subjected to a host of humiliating tests, it was found that he was not comatose nor unaware in the hospital. For years he planned his revenge on Gotham in his mind.

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    Winslow Heath was created by Scott McDaniel and David Hine. He made his debut in Detective Comics #867.


    Heath was originally drug addicted man from Gotham City,where he had a steady girlfriend who he was preparing to marry.He prepared to propose to her bringing her to the roof of his apartment building, when the Joker arrived on the roof using a jetpack in an effort to flee Batman who arrived directly after him.The Joker growing desperate through a capsule containing Joker venom which forced Batman to let Joker go to stay with the man until paramedics arrived with the jokerized Winslow attempting to tell Batman to save Beth but couldn't speak. When the paramedics arrived they declared him dead with the drugs he had previously had in his systems saving him from death, he was then sent to the morgue where they discovered he was alive sending him to the hospital where they were uncertain if he would revive but with the Wayne Foundation paying for his bills as per his family's wishes. He then spent years in unable to speak with the entire hospital staff believing him to be brain dead where they put him through humiliating things as the result of his apparence he stayed in this state until a new doctor finally order a brain scan which revealed his brain activity before beginning therapy to regain use of his entire body with the only effect being his joker grin remaining. Following his awakening he gained a small fortune due to the negligence of the hospital, and their actions while he was in his self aware coma.

    Upon getting out of the hospital returning to the roof to find his girlfriend's body,believing the drugs in her system had a similar effect with her suffering a slow torturous death on the roof.He then decides to seek vengeance on Gotham City hiring Doctor Kaligari to create a new drug, who removes the fatal ingredient of Joker Venom and having it distributed to the citizens of the city who began to grow increasingly violent, as Heath became the head Joker rallying them through viral videos on the internet to steal and into conflict with the G.C.P.D.he then takes up t making viral videos dressed as Batman spurring "guardian bats" to battle the Jokers for the fate of Gotham.His pushing culminates at a fairground in Gotham with all of the Gurdian Bats and Jokers battling while the G.C.P.D struggled to keep it contained and Batman attempted to apprehend Winslow, succeeding in the hall of mirrors.However upon coming out Batman lost Winslow in the ensuring chaos as he helped the police to stop the battling,with Winslow escaping and going into hiding last being seen dancing with his deceased girlfriend's decaying corpse.


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