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    Winnowill is the seductive but deadly archenemy of the Wolfriders in the series Elfquest, created by Wendy and Richard Pini.

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    Black-hearted as she appears to be now, Winnowill was not always thus. Countless centuries of boredom and uselessness caused her powers for healing to fester and turn in on themselves. Winnowill herself went mad - mad with dark intentions. Her only known child is the half-elf/half-troll Two-Edge which she abused mercilessly. She was not above lying, seducing, kidnapping, or even murdering in order to obtain her ends. In order to expand her powers, she seduced a Glider elf named Tyldak. Using her healing powers, she twisted his body, creating wing-like membranes from hideously enlongated appendages, giving him the ability to fly.

    Psychic Vampire

    Winnowill can enter the minds of other elves and begins to manipulate their desires. She did this to a Troll named "Smelt" in order to conceive a love-child named Two-Edge. She went int Teir's mind to create "Hell Howunds" and transformed normal beasts into vicious monsters. Through "Sending", she tricks other elves to join their powers with hers and then uses their gifts to her own ends. Leetah, Strongbow, Suntop, Cutter, and Savah know this better than anyone else and have concluded that the only method of subduing Winnowill's evil is to heal her. Strongbow was taken into the lair of the #gliders Blue Mountain and never recovered from the Psychic Battle.

    High Ones' Legacy

    At the height of her reign, Winnowill met Rayek, finding in him "Her Soul's Brother"- one who wanted much the same things as she did. During Winnowill's centuries of solitude, she shaped-changed herself to be a water-breather. Many of Winnowill's mutated creatures were created during the 10,000 years the Palace was gone.

    When the Djun's people rebelled and his Citadel fell in the conclusion of ElfQuest: Shards, he killed Winnowill, not knowing that to kill the body was to release her to even more power and disaster. Winnowill's spirit left her body, but before it could fill the shards with her hate, Rayek drew it inside himself, trapping her. Rayek now roams the World of Two Moons, an exile from his own race, keeping Abode safe from the evil spirit of Winnowill, which he contains within himself. She referrs to Rayek as "My Soul's Brother", but whether this relationship is Recognition remains unclear.


    Winnowill was created by Wendy and Richard Pini, the creative team behind ElfQuest.


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