Winifred Burkle or Illyria

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Who do you prefer between Fred and Illyria?
Fred was my favorite character on Angel because of her cute quirkiness, but if I had to choose, I would choose Illyria because she contributes more to team Angel Investigations.  Fred was a great asset too as far as being the brains of the group, but she didn't really have Wesley or Angel's type of smarts (strategically I mean), to me, she was a  weaker version of Willow, she was smart, but no witchcraft or anything to defend herself.  Fred fought a little, but she didn't have any prominent kills, just minor demons here and there.  Illyria has a wealth of information as far as her being an old one, she has a lot of knowledge on demons and what not, plus shes a powerhouse.  Illyria also has some cute quirks as well!  So Illyria gets my vote...

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Characters like Xander, Cordelia, and Fred are characters that prove you don't need to be a heavy hitter to contribute to a group.

Fred wasn't the warior of the group, they had those, Angel and Gunn. Fred was their Willow. Fred was the brains. And thats a big reason why I prefer Fred. I like Lllyria, but I'll always preffer Winifred Burkle. The brains and the heart of Angel Investigations.

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Definitely Illyria. Fred was a limited character. That means there are limited possibilities for her. Sure, she's smart, but so is Wesley. I always found Fred to be unnecessary. She randomly joins in after they rescue her from Pylea, but she never really fit it well. Her relationship with Gunn shouldn't have happened. I always just saw her as Wesley's love interest and nothing more. Illyria on the other hand, is different. She/he/it provides a major role on both the team and for the story. Her... connection (or interest perhaps) in Wesley is also really interesting. I also have a thing for overpowered characters. Don't forget, she's pretty much a god.

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I absolutely loved and adored Fred every single moment. She was a very strong and unique character and Amy Acker was brilliant in the role. That being said....Illyria was just...something so different and unique...Part of what makes Illyria so amazing is the contrast between her and the character of Fred, along side Amy Acker's portrayal of them. It was such a massive transition that was carried out almost effortlessly by her. While Fred was mostly reserved, but strong willed, Illyria was powerful and had a presence that constantly commanded the screen.

It's hard to say who I loved more because each of them were such amazing characters and so uniquely defined....I really wish we could have seen where Joss would have taken them in season 6.

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Gotta vote Fred: Even though illyria is much more useful to the team it seems like the only reason they dealt with all of her craziness was because she used to be Fred and because she is too dangerous to leave alone. I like the whole Illyria and Wesley love angel but only because of what Wesley had with Fed. Also Illyria provided next to nothing in IDW's Angel run and doesn't seem to be bringing anything to Buffy season 9.

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Fred, super smart.

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