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    Wing was one of the students at Xavier Institute. He committed suicide after being de-powered by the alien Ord. His mutant power was flight.

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    When Eddie first tried to land after discovering his gift of flying he ended up breaking both his legs. Some time later, Eddie became part of the Xavier Institute student body.


    Wing was created by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday and first appeared in Astonishing X-Men Vol.3 issue 3 (2004).

    Major Story Arcs

    Astonishing X-Men

    While at the Xavier Institute, he got into trouble with Shadowcat when he asked her if she was retard when she said the "Cure" was optional while they were discussing about it.

    Later that night, Wing and his best friend, Hisako, where walking in the hall and discussing what happened with him and Shadowcat and about the fact he wants to be an X-Man. At that moment, the alien warrior called Ord crashed through the roof and attacks the two students, asking for the X-Men. As Wing flies away, Ord chases him into the sky. There he injected Wing with the "cure," neutralizing his powers. Ord then let go of Wing and he plummeted to the ground. Hisako manages to use her powers to catch him and cushions his fall so he doesn't receive any major injuries. With the help ofElixir, Wing was revived but still powerless.

    A depressed Wing is then seen near the edge of a cliff, lamenting the loss of his powers. Hisako appears behind him, first to give him comfort, but then suddenly chides him to jump off, which he does and falls to his death. However the setting around him and Hisako suddenly dissipate to reveal that it was all a holographic Danger Room scenario, and that Eddie was the first fatal victim of the now sentient and hostile "Danger".

    Not long after, the school is attacked by a rouge Sentinel. The students are then rushed to the danger room for safety. The students become trapped inside the Danger Room shortly thereafter where they find Eddie's corpse. Hisako becomes distressed at seeing the corpse of her friend, which the Danger Room suddenly animates to life, using Eddie's body as a way to speak to the students and taunt them and Kitty, while it runs dangerous and disturbing simulations against them. The danger room eventually relinquishes control over his corpse during the incident.

    Krakoa and ressurection

    When the X-Men formed the Mutant-nation of Krakoa on the likewise named island of Krakoa, the mutants unlocked the secrets of ressurection. As such, allmost all (former) mutants that where killed, where ressurected by a group of mutants known as The Five. This also was the case for Wing, whom after being ressurected, remained on the island nation.


    Before Wing was given the "cure," he had the ability of self-propelled flight. This meant that he could fly freely without using any visible sort of power or propulsion.

    Alternate Versions

    X-Men: The End

    Wing is shown briefly in a scene when The Xavier Mansion is being destroyed.


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