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Brief History

Windstorm used to be a junkie on the streets of Israel until she was discovered near death by Sabra and was saved when Sabra used her mutant abilities to give her half of her powers. The woman who would be Windstorm quickly recovered and was eventually trained as a soldier. Windstorm opposed her government and formed the Israeli's For Anarchy movement. Windstorm and her group attempted to kidnap a deaf son of an American ambassador and was opposed by Sabra of the Israeli Super Agents. Sabra dispatched the terrorists until Windstorm was left. The two were evenly match but Windstorm struck Sabra with a powerful wind blast and caused the building to collapse on the deaf boy. Sabra found the boy still breathing but was tackled by Windstorm. Sabra would drain the power she once gave to Windstorm and give it to the young boy in order to save his life.


Windstorm was created by Scott Lobdell and Paul Abrams in 1991 and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes # 6.

Powers & Abilities

Windstorm possessed superhuman strength, durability, stamina and resistance to injury. She could also control gale force winds and channel it for range attacks. Windstorm was a highly trained soldier and formidable in hand-to-hand combat.


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