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The X-Men villain Arcade kidnapped Shatterstar and pitched him battle against Adam X.  As an incentive to make the two warriors fight Arcade claimed that he would kill Windsong, whom he appeared to be holding hostage.  Adam X was willing to fight Shatterstar in order to protect a woman he'd never met before, but Shatterstar saw through the illusion.  Casting his sword through the holographic induced duplicate, he proved that there was no reason for the two of them to continue fighting.  Instead they teamed up and sought Arcade.

Soon there was face-to-face confrontation with Arcade and his assistant Miss Locke, who produced Windsong wrapped up in metallic bonds and informed the two young warriors that there were explosives contained in her manacles.  In order to prevent the stalemate Shatterstar plunged his sword through his own chest, thus freeing Adam X to attack.  The villains gloated that they never had Windsong, but when they dropped their guard Shatterstar rose off the ground & stabbed Arcade.  However, it was a robotic substitute and therefore all heroes and villains walked away.


Windsong is a warrior from the future of the Mojoverse.  She was classed as Shatterstar's "wife", however the word is not used in the traditional social sense.  During Arcade's games, Shatterstar revealed to Adam X that there was no romantic notion of marriage in the Mojoverse.  Instead their genetic material would eventually be bonded in order to create more soldiers for Mojo's gladiatorial entertainment.  

The hostage held by Arcade was merely a holographic based projection created from information provided by Major Domo.  The fake Windsong would implore Shatterstar to save her life and spoke to him longingly, almost like a cliche damsel in distress.  Although Shatterstar had not previously met Windsong, it is easy to see why he was not deceived by the fake reproduction of his "wife".  As a warrior born & bred, she would not have been so feeble in character, and for someone who had never met her "husband" before she would not depend on him to save her life.  The behaviour of Arcade's reproduction was completely out of character for someone who had been raised 100 years in the future of the Mojoverse.


It is not known if Windsong had any powers, as her replica was not a realistic reproduction of her character.  Not all warriors forced to fight in the Mojoverse have powers.  Even if she did have powers, it is not likely that they would be based around her name as Shatterstar's mutant power was to create blasts through the metallic properties of his sword through the vibrations of his vocal chords, and had nothing to do with light, unlike Longshot's.  It is likely that she, like Shatterstar and Longshot, has hollow bones which help to make her agile and incredibly light.  However, unlike Longshot, both Shatterstar and Windsong's duplicate appear to have four fingers on each hand instead of three.


Windsong has not made an actual appearance in comics.  She was never even mentioned before Arcade's scheme to get Shatterstar and Adam X to kill each other.  She has never been mentioned nor seen since.

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