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Current Events

After the Culling, Windshear and Bright Eyes splintered off from the group of would be Ravagers and their rescuer, Fairchild. They are intercepted by Warblade and Rose Wilson as they fly and in order to save himself, he drops Bright Eyes, who falls onto the pursuing flying craft. While Warblade takes down Bright Eyes, Windshear is defeated and seriously injured by Rose, and he somehow manages to cause their ship to crash.

He reappears alongside Bright Eyes, both of them now serving as Ravagers for Harvest, on their first solo mission to capture a prospect, a fourteen year old girl named Lisa, who Ridge and the others are on their way to protect. A fight ensues and when Ridge fails to convince the pair to leave Harvest and join them, he tricks Windshear into smashing into a stone wall, knocking him out. Unfortunately, the first mission of a Ravager is never left unsupervised.


Windshear's origin is unknown but it is known that he was abducted by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. sometime in the past year.

Powers and Abilities

Windshear can fly and can create a pocket of warm air around his body while he's flying so that he never gets cold no matter what speed he's travelling at.


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