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    Colin Ashworth Hume, also known as Windshear of Alpha Flight, is a mutant with the power to manipulate hard-air molecules. He was depowered after M-Day.

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    Windshear is a Canadian expatriate who grew up in England. He found work as a special operative, using his mutant powers for the superhuman division of Roxxon Oil Corp's United Kingdom branch, where he was given a suit of armor.

    When Hume was unable to defeat a foe, Roxxon called in Madison Jeffries, at the time known as Box who was aided by Forge. Hume, upset over the truth of Roxxon's practices, returned to Canada with the members of Alpha Flight, and he was soon accepted onto the team.


    Windshear was created by Fabian Nicieza and Michael Bair in 1990 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 87.

    Major Story Arcs

    Becoming a Superhero

    Hume grew into his role as a superhero while also becoming Chief Administrator. He even becomes a mentor for Beta Flight. Windshear is one of the many superheroes who travels to alternate dimensions in the Infinity War crossover. He also participates in the Infinity Crusade. He is one of the mind-controlled lackeys of the Goddess. He and his brainwashed allies travel out to confront his former friends when their escape pods land all around the Goddess' citadel. He is defeated by the Vision, who phases his hand partway through his body. This causes intense pain and Windshear blacks out.

    Eventually, the Canadian government disbanded Department H and the Flight programs, and Hume returned to England. Hume set up a curio shop to sell objects created with "hard air," and his objects command a high price. When the Thunderbolts were investigating a series of murders committed with bullets created out of hard air, they investigated Hume and learned of Roxxon's connection.

    He was shown to be depowered and in the wake of M-Day, he has opened up a gallery in England, displaying many of the sculptures he has created with 'hard air' before the loss of his powers.

    Powers & Abilities

    A mutant with the ability to project "hard-air" molecules that can be used for various methods much like Invisible Woman's force field. Armor was developed for him by Roxxon Oil to fully harness his power giving him better control as well as grant him the ability to fly. Later, his armor was modified by Alpha Flight when they all wore identical red costumes as a team. The armor also has a retractable protective tinted acrylic glass faceplate and a radio communicator built into the helmet.


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