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Windrazor was the result of a radical experiments. A Maximal known as the Veteran merged his spark with a dying Predacon—the Cub, resulting in a dual-sparked hybrid. He possesses both youthful recklessness of the Cub and battle-tested wisdom of the Veteran; unfortunately the merging was imperfect, and Windrazor's two personalities clash for control of his actions.

Major Story Arcs

3H Productions

IDW Comics Continuity

Windrazor is the fusion of a young Maximal's spark and the mysterious Veteran, formed to save the former's life. Windrazor was eventually corrupted by the Angolmois energy and served as Unicron's herald. He traveled from universe to universe, enacting Unicron's will, until eventually he was able to free himself of Unicron's influence. The Angolmois energy in Windrazor's body allows him to traveling between dimensions and through time.

Other Media

Video Games

Transformers Beast Wars: Transmetals

Windrazor is an "unlock-able" character exclusive to the American/European PlayStation version


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