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    Windcharger is OK. Nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. Tremendously mediocre Autobot. He has magnetic powers capable of moving metallic objects within distance and also can move 0-60 instantly.

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    Windcharger is the fastest of the the Autobots on the ground. He can go from 0 to 60 mph instantly and stop just as quickly. Windcharger also displays symptoms of ADD, as he is easily distracted.
    He also has some limited magnetic powers. He can move 10 tons of steel from a distance of about 700 feet away. At close range his magnetic powers are capable of shredding all but the toughest metals.
    Unfortunately for him, his magnetic powers require a lot of Energon, and due to his ADD he lacks the concentration to ease the burden to his system.
    Windcharger was among the Autobots selected by Optimus Prime for the Ark Mission over 4 million years ago. When the Ark was invaded by Megatron and his Decepticons, the damage from the battle caused the Ark to crash on Earth putting all on board into Stasis Lock.
    After a volcanic eruption, the Ark rebuilt all on board, giving Windcharger the alt form of a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. When the Repaired Decepticons left to regroup, the Autobots decided to make the Ark their base on Earth.
    When the Decepticons attacked Autobot City in 2005, he and Wheeljack were among those killed in action.


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