Winda Wester

    Character » Winda Wester appears in 22 issues.

    The wisping-- I mean lisping psychic ally of Howard the Duck. Like all Howard the Duck characters, she's a little... special in the head.

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    Winda Wester was a young girl whom lived in a small town. She however fled from her home-town when her parents thought she was possesed by the devil, because of the strange way she talked. She was actually just lisping.


    Winda Wester was created by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan and first appeared in Howard the Duck Vol. issue 11 (1977).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting Howard

    Winda Wester met Howard the Duck while on a bus away from her hometown, where she was shunned and thought to be possessed by the devil. This all just because she was lisping. Winda felled a connection towards Howard as a fellow 'out-cast' and the two soon formed a friendship. She soon met Howard's other friends Beverly Switzler and Paul Same.

    On a Cruise

    The group of friends where kidnapped by Arabian Knights to an eastern nation but eventually managed to save the day. They where granted a return back to the states aboard a cruise-ship known as the SS Damned. It was then, while on board the ship, that Howard and Beverly where kidnapped by the fiend known as Doctor Bong. Winda and Paul remained on the cruise-ship and eventuallty made it back to the states, where Howard the Duck (having escaped Doctor Bong) was waiting for their arrival. When Howard was kidnapped, Winda, Paul and his girlfriend Iris Raritan pursuied the kidnappers. During their search, the team got into an argument and they all split. Winda was left behind on a street where she was attacked by a drunken bum. She had to go the hospital but eventually recovered and shared a number of adventures with Howard. Winda has since lost contact with the others and she has not been seen for some time.


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